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“People with mental health conditions deserve just as much support and compassion as people with physical health conditions.” – Unknown

As a 245D licensed mental health clinic, Access Minnesota LLC is able to meet the needs of individuals who prefer to receive care and support in the comforts of their own home or community, rather than in an institutional setting.

Services include:

  • Supported Employment Services

    At Access Minnesota LLC, we offer Supported Employment Services with the purpose to integrate individuals into their respective communities. We encourage them to find gainful means of earning a living so they can support their daily needs.

    With our help, they are able to find competitive employment despite their disabilities. We believe that supportive encouragement makes a lot of difference as they transition into a lifestyle where they maintain a career that enables them to contribute to society.

    Supportive Employment can be facilitated depending on the client’s district and placements will either be individual or by group. There will be a job coach who oversees the individuals as they learn the skills that will make them qualified for employment. Over time, as the individuals become more adjusted to their respective jobs, the support services from the job coach are diminished – this is one way to help the individual develop a sense of independence and responsibility.

    What does Supportive Employment include?

    • Setting career goals
    • Assistance with job applications, getting interview appointments
    • Ensuring that the individual is provided with a benefit package on top of basic pay
    • Assistance in making the individual’s resume
    • Training with how to commute to their workplace
    • Training with specific work tasks
    • Communication skills training
    • Office decorum and behavioral training
    • Acting as liaison for the individual in initial interaction with supervisors and co-workers
    • Support services inside and outside of the workplace

    We assist people with disabilities to find and maintain gainful employment. We can help you compose resumes, fill out job applications, practice your interview skills, match your interests and skills to available jobs in the industry, and more. We firmly believe that your disability shouldn’t hinder your ability to land a job and we are dedicated to helping you.

  • Semi-Independent Living Services

    Semi-Independent Living Services at Access Minnesota LLC includes training and assistance in independent living skills. This specifically targets for adults with developmental disabilities and other related conditions.

    We provide these services to help such individuals continue to live in their homes, in their apartments or in other living environments of their preference. We encourage these individuals to help themselves while preserving their family values, respecting other community members, and being aware of cultural differences in their workplace.

    We want to support people so they can achieve their goals and live their lives in the community with as much autonomy as possible to make decisions and care for themselves responsibly.

    What do Semi-Independent Living Services include?

    Assistance with:

    • Grocery shopping
    • Household chores
    • Paperwork sorting
    • Laundry
    • Meal Preparation
    • Bills management

    We offer semi-independent living services to adults with disabilities who are about to live in their own home. These services are ideal for those who require some assistance to live independently in their community but do not need support 24/7. Services may include training in meal preparation, money management, how to use community resources, medication self-administration, and more.

  • Basic Support Services
    Through our basic support services, we aim to provide that assistance, care, and supervision that our clients need to remain safe and healthy. We offer services such as 24-hour emergency assistance, homemaker services, companion services, individual community living supports, night supervision, personal support, and respite care services. Note: This does not include services directed toward the habilitation, rehabilitation, or training of the person.
  • Intensive Support Services

    On top of basic support services, intensive support services may be provided to habilitate, rehabilitate, or train a person with a disability. We offer the following intensive support services:

    • Intervention Support Services. This includes specialist services, crisis respite, and behavioral support.
    • In-Home Support Services. This includes in-home family support, independent and semi-independent living skills training, residential-based habilitation, and supported living services for adults in their own residence.

Let us help you. For further discussion of our Home and Community-Based Services, please contact us at 612-501-0484.