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What Is Individual Therapy?

group therapyIndividual therapy, also known as “counseling” or “psychotherapy”, is a process wherein a client works one-on-one with a trained therapist in a private, safe, and confidential setting. During therapy sessions, clients are encouraged to explore and talk about their behaviors, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. Primarily, the goal of therapy is to help clients better understand themselves, work through challenging memories, identify facets of their life that they would like to change, and achieve the desired change.

What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy wherein a group of patients meets to discuss their problems under the supervision of one therapist. In some instances, there may be more than one therapist assigned per group. In a group therapy session, patients are encouraged to both listen to others and to share their stories. The idea behind group therapy is to help patients feel less alone in their recovery and to show them that there are other people who can truly empathize with their experiences.

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